Pay Per Click Optimization Software

If you have heard that the key to pay per click optimization is software that tracks your conversions and reports back on what is working and what is not, then you are a step ahead of the hundreds of thousands of pay per click marketers who are wondering why they are having such trouble making their campaigns profitable.

In order to perform conversion tracking you generally have to attach a tracking ID to your advert destination URLs, and then ensure that the tracking ID is passed all the way through to the merchant Thank You page shown when a prospect finally makes a purchase and earns you some money.

Because merchants have an easier time of implementing conversion tracking (as they have access to their own merchant sales and Thank You pages, which affiliates do not), I am going to talk about the options for affiliates who need to use some kind of PPC tracking software to optimize their pay per click campaigns.

Most of the advice that I have read on the subject of conversion tracking tells you how to add tracking IDs to the keyword-level destination URLs that you specify when you set up your ad campaigns using a pay per click service like Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, or Microsoft AdCenter. However, this is not the only option available to you.

Another way to track your adverts is to apply tracking URLs on the fly. This can only be done with the use of tracking software, and is the method used by Jeremy Palmer’s Optimize My Site conversion tracking software. Jeremy is a super affiliate who spends hundreds of thousands of dollars every year on his pay per click marketing.

It was precisely because he was spending a fortune on PPC traffic brokering that he needed a way to figure out how to optimize his campaigns. Most of his money was going down the drain because he could not tell which of his campaigns were making sales, and which were not. Today he has a very accurate picture of what is going on with his PPC accounts. In fact, his Optimize My Site software provides a kind of x-ray vision that allows him to easily tweak his campaigns for maximum profitability.

The way Jeremy’s software works is that it allows one to import existing ad campaigns into the Optimize My Site database, and then rewrite the destination URLs in a form that redirects the visitor momentarily (after they have clicked on an advert) through a tracking script that generates a tracking ID unique to the visitor. This is then sent on to the affiliate network when the visitor heads off to the merchant site and makes a purchase.

Well, that’s how it works in a nutshell. If you want to find out how Optimize My Site works in more detail, you can read my in-depth review of the software on my Optimize My Site Review page. There you will discover why I used the term “flash of genius” to describe Jeremy’s implementation of the ad conversion tracking, and you will see why this pay per click optimization software has earned high marks from those who have used it.

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